Dahria Beatty

Canadian National Team Cross Country Skier

2018 Olympian

“I love the mountains, chocolate, dogs and traveling the world with my ski bag.”

Follow my journey as I travel and race for Canada around the world.  


Latest News

Let the Racing Begin! - Last week I touched down on European soil for the first time in almost 11 months. The longest I have been away from Europe in over half a decade! It’s a strange thing to think about, if I add up all the months that I have spent in Europe ski racing in my life, it …
Grounded: Maximizing Summer Training in the Absence of Team Camps & Navigating my way Home for Family Time. - This summer will definitely be one for the memory books. All team training camps were cancelled, flying on planes has gone from a monthly occurrence for me to almost zero, and interprovincial/territorial travel has become a maze of hoops and hurdles. Despite the added complications, summer 2020 has been great from a training standpoint. I …