Dahria Beatty

Canadian National Team Cross Country Skier

2018 Olympian

“I love the mountains, chocolate, dogs and traveling the world with my ski bag.”

Follow my journey as I travel and race for Canada around the world.  


Latest News

Perspective: A Reflection on Racing in 2021 - This year will be one people tell their grandchildren about. We just wrapped up a race season that no one could have predicted, we weren’t sure it would even happen, and that all hope won’t be repeated anytime soon. I’ve spent the past 62 days in Europe with 12 races (3 sprints, 5 distance races, …
Let the Racing Begin! - Last week I touched down on European soil for the first time in almost 11 months. The longest I have been away from Europe in over half a decade! It’s a strange thing to think about, if I add up all the months that I have spent in Europe ski racing in my life, it …