Dahria Beatty

Canadian National Team Cross Country Skier

2018 Olympian

“I love the mountains, chocolate, dogs and traveling the world with my ski bag.”

Follow my journey as I travel and race for Canada around the world.  


Latest News

Loving the Process - And just like that we are already two months into the training season. The start of 2020/2021 season has looked quite different from previous years. Without the travel to training camps, on snow and dry-land, I have had the chance to have a more personalized season start-up. Less options have brought an increased freedom to …
Adapting to the unexpected- Looking towards 2021 - In these times of fear and uncertainty I hope you all are staying safe and healthy. Since my last post, I have not actually raced any more world cups. Only a few days prior to our world cup event in Quebec City mid march, the COVID pandemic hit Canada and most of Europe at full …