New blog, New town, New team… Living the Academy Life!

First of all Thanks for checking out my blog!
This is my first post ever so suggestions for improvement are greatly welcomed! I have been in Canmore for 2 weeks now and absolutely love it. As soon as I got here I joined right in to the activities, taking part in the annual 8k Canada Day run along the river. It was my first running race of the year. What a wonderful atmosphere with lots of amazing athletes to try to keep up with.  I managed to win the 18 and under category but had lots of fast women in front of me that I couldn’t quite keep up with, motivation for next year when I move into that older category.
The race was followed by the Canada Day Parade in which the Academy participated. Only in Canmore do you have skiers roller skiing down Main Street in their race suits doing sprints and throwing out candy. The day was topped off with a lovely fireworks display that I watched with my mom from the balcony of my wonderful host family’s house, the Davies. Thank you so much for taking me in for the summer, what a wonderful place to be while settling into Canmore life.

                                           Canada Day Fireworks 

My first week in Canmore was full of exploring and adventuring. Each day seemed like a new training location. Some of the highlights from the week were hiking Ha Ling, with wonderful guide Annika, one of the many peaks overlooking Canmore as well as my recovery ride on Saturday where I had no planned route and ended up in these lovely meadows above Three Sisters. Training in Canmore has been full of new experiences, learning an entirely new strength workout and doing an incremental test, but I am managing to figure things out and am getting used to the Academy life.
At the Top of Ha Ling with Loki!
              Perfect spot for a water break

Week two here in Canmore brought more exciting adventures, it was off to the Haig Glacier for 3 days of wonderful skiing. This was the first time I’ve been up there that it has been sunny every day, how lucky were we. There is still tons of snow, which made the run in a little more adventurous than normal. Wet feet and all it was a great 4 days, with 3 skis and lots of time to work on technique. The last night Heidi had the wonderful idea of having dinner on the heli pad, so we transported the tables out and had the most beautiful patio view anyone could ever ask for. We even had dinner entertainment as we watched Peelix, the resident goat; traverse the cliffs nearby in search of dinner. Being in the mountains is truly spectacular.
Hiking down to base camp from the Glacier
On the run out!

Now I’m back down in Canmore enjoying my rest day, looking forward to a week of training around here before I head back up to the Haig again with Suzanne, Brittany and Katherine for another 4 days of skiing!
Can’t wait to tell you all about our next yoyo up to the glacier!
Thanks for reading, till next time

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