Snow to Surf and some other things (Turtles!!!!!!)


Some turtles taking a nap

Hello everyone! Thanks for taking the time to check up on my blog! I wanted to share some pictures from my time in Whistler downhill skiing and my trip to Oahu Hawaii. I was able to get in some quality rest and recovery, a couple of runs, hikes and some other fun cross training activities.
Since photos are a lot more appealing than words here a few of my favourites! 

WHISTLER- Winter fun

Skiing Whistler Blackcomb for the first time!

We spent 6 hours out skiing between the two mountains. That was a little more than I am used to for one day. I have to admit I was pretty sore when I got off the plane in Hawaii the next evening.

Colin and I at the top of Whistler Mountain


My trip to Oahu was fairly short, only 9 days including travel but we managed to fit in lots of activities and we were able to enjoy multiple North Shore sunsets. I have way too many sunset photos from this trip so I will only share one. 

Sunset on the North Shore of Oahu

The waves on the North Shore were still really big for this time of year. The first day we arrived there were swells 20 ft high. It was amazing to watch the experienced surfers play around in those massive waves. I stayed away fron the massive waves but I can say I have surfed the North Shore of Oahu! Which makes me very proud. Holly and I went to Puaena Point where the waves are smaller and safer and spent the day surfing! I had so so so much fun. Besides the excitement of actually catching waves there were turtles everywhere. Unfortunately I have no surf photos since I was in the water the entire day but here are some Kayak shots from when we were on the windward side of the island!

SEA KAYAKING- Windward coast

Sea Kayaking in Kailua

Holly paddling hard

We stopped on a little Island to have lunch and walk around. This Island was a bird nesting sanctuary so we could only walk along the edges of the beach
View of Oahu! Thank you to my great sponsor CAPITAL HELICOPTERS for the awesome hat! It kept me from burning under the bright Hawaii sun.

Beach Day! Holly soaking up a bit of sun on the gorgeous soft sand beaches of the windward coast

 North Shore Fun

Paddle boarding in Halei’wa 

Part way through our 2:45 run on the North Shore. We may have slightly miss judged the distance to the trailhead so our 2 hour run was a little longer. Beautiful view of the forest canopy in the background


View from the top of Koko

The Climb- halfway up
On my second last day in Hawaii we stayed on the South Shore of Oahu. We took the bus 30minutes west of Waikiki to the Koko Crater. The Koko Crater has an old military rail bed that goes straight up it. This rail bed has been turned into a hike and it is about a 30-45min straight uphill climb to the top. Short but steep the view was well worth the work!
At the top of Koko Crater 

From the heat and surf of Oahu I came back to Whitehorse on the weekend and now I am back to skiing. I went out for a ski on the Mt. Mac trails yesterday with my dad and the conditions are still great! 

Thanks for reading, (Mahalo) 

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