New Season, New Quadrennial, New Home

Mid July has hit and so has the first hard intensity block of the year. The base fitness has been built up in the first two months of general volume training and spring testing markers have been recorded. This spring didn’t just mark the start of a new season but the start of a new quadrennial, which for those who don’t revolve their lives around racing means the start of a four year Olympic cycle.

Olympic Celebration at Rideau Hall with my grandma and sister!


After a busy first few weeks of May travelling to Ottawa for the Olympic celebration at Rideau Hall and Parliament Hill the spring took on a nice training rhythm. Although I met many results based goals last season, going to the Olympics, scoring World Cup points and winning every domestic sprint race I started, over the summer and into the winter I was struggling to attain almost all of my personal performance benchmarks compared to previous years. When people congratulated me on a great season it was hard to explain to them that although I got to compete at the pinnacle event in sport, the Olympics (which was amazing), the season as a whole was definitely a mental and physical struggle. By the end of the year I was starting to feel more back to my normal and doing the 160km Arctic Circle Race before taking my spring rest really helped jump started my fitness for this season.

I am pleased to report that body markers are back to normal and spring testing numbers are some of my best ever, absolutely eclipsing last spring. My mental stress is also down. The 18 months leading up the Olympics it I was traveling non-stop. This spring I prioritized staying local for the summer training season in order to be excited and ready to hit the road come winter. Other than a couple visits home to Whitehorse before the race season starts, if I can’t drive there I’m not going. I spent a week in Penticton for an on snow camp at the end of May and I am in Revelstoke right now taking advantage of the lower altitude for an intensity camp, other than that I have been capitalizing on the great training around Canmore and moving into my new place. After 6 years living with the amazing Davies family I have finally spread my wings and ventured out on my own. They have truly become a second family to me and I am not sure my transition to Canmore would have been possible without their support, advice and love. I am really enjoying my new place, having lots of fun decorating and still stopping in frequently at the Davies to visit and get in my “dog time”. I am questioning why I didn’t go into interior decorating as I already have way too many DIY projects lined up but hopefully I can get most of them done by the end of summer!

Doing some technique and agility work with the Yukon Ski Team in June.
2018-Whitehorse-Beatty Family Photo-006_m.jpg
Family photo on my visit back to Whitehorse with the newest addition to the family Ozzy, but somehow he missed the memo about smiling for the picture.


Starting to look like a home (My grandma’s painting is finally hung now after 2 months!)
Visits with Loki

My volume block before coming to Revelstoke coincided with the Canmore National Team/Alignment Camp. It was great to have a big group of people from across the country out training for two weeks and taking part in western Canada’s first sanctioned roller ski race. Between the Canmore camp, a couple session with the Yukon Ski Team when I was in Whitehorse and having two of the local Junior National Ski Team members join our camp here in Revelstoke this week, I have had lots of opportunities this spring to ski alongside some of Canada’s strong up and coming skier. It has been lots of fun to get to know the next generation of skiers and hopefully help them out a little too. It doesn’t seem like all that long ago that I was looking at the sport from where they are today, although a calendar will tell you it’s been 6 years already. At twenty-four years old I am now one of the most senior members of the Canadian women’s team. Here’s to hoping that these youngsters coming up will still be stuck with me and others in fours years time and well beyond that.

Group roller ski on the Minnewanka loop. Photo: Fred.
2018-07-03 09.56.44-12 copy.jpg
Setting a new PB in the 3000m mid training camp.
Fun evening competing in the first roller ski race in Western Canada. Photo: Zone4
Happy to take the win in the Sunset Sprint race. Thanks to all the local sponsors for the great prizes.
Summiting Windtower on the final day of the Canmore Camp.

The next two weeks will have a max aerobic speed interval focus before I head to Nelson for a week of recovery and lake time. August will be back to Canmore for some volume and altitude with a stint on the Haig glacier. I am looking forward to getting back on skis and returning to the Haig after 3 years away.

Thanks for reading,


First MAS (Max Aerobic Speed) session in Revelstoke. Photo: Coach Allison.

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