December Race Preview

With a few time trials under my belt against a small Canadian and U.S. field in Canmore a few weeks ago, the race season is now officially upon us. I travelled over to Norway at the end of last week to prepare for the beginning of my season.

I wanted to share where and when I will be racing from now until Christmas so that you can follow along if you wish. I’ve attached a full schedule at the bottom of this post! My first race of the season will be this Saturday at the Norwegian Cup FIS race in Gala, Norway. Following that I will be racing 3 consecutive weekends of World Cups. The first one being in Norway, then Switzerland and Germany. Some of my teammates are kicking off the World Cup season in Finland this weekend while me and my two teammates, Maya and Graham, will be racing in Gala before we all meet up in Lillehammer next week.

Since arriving in Norway, we have been staying in a cabin on the edge of the ski trails in Sjusjoen. I have now adjusted to the time change and have been spending most of my time watching the sun rise and set, snacking on brown cheese, testing new skis and skiing on the loop here before enjoying cozy candle lit cabin vibes every evening. We’re all excited to get the season underway!

Period 1 Race Schedule

  • Norwegian Cup FIS Race- Gala, Norway

    Skate Sprint- Saturday November 27th, 2021

    10km Classic- Sunday November 28th, 2021

  • World Cup- Lillehammer, Norway

    Skate Sprint- Friday December 3rd, 2021

    10km Skate- Saturday December 4th, 2021

    4x5km Relay- Sunday December 5th, 2021

  • World Cup- Davos, Switzerland

    Skate Sprint- Saturday December 11th, 2021

    10km Skate- Sunday December 12th, 2021

  • World Cup – Dresden, Germany

    Skate Sprint- Saturday December 18th, 2021

    Team Sprint- Sunday December 19th, 2021

Results for all the races can be found on the International Ski Federation website or on the FIS app. You can also check the Nordiq Canada website and social media for updates on whether any of the races will be streamed on CBC.

Happy trails! – Dahria

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