Montana for a great climbing focused training camp

Skiing up Going to the Sun Road!
Climbing up the Going to the Sun Road
My last 10 days have been spent in the recreation capital of Montana for a great climbing focused training camp. Whitefish is the perfect end of summer training camp location with its warm temperatures, great lakes, Big Mountain ski hill as well as its array of flatter farm roads to balance out the climbing. It is also close to Glacier National Park’s Going to the Sun Road. In my opinion this last one might be one of the nicest places I have ever trained. We were lucky enough to do both of our long workouts there, a roller ski and run combo workout and then a road bike the last day of the camp.

The spectacular view climbing up to Logan Pass

Just before heading to Whitefish both our girls and guys team did a week of testing to see where we stand. I did a classic time trial up Norquay Mountain road and a skating incremental test to max on the roller ski treadmill here in Canmore. This was my first time doing a TT up Norquay so now I have a good benchmark for the future. Some good improvements were also made on the treadmill! Making progress!

Then it was off to Whitefish where we did 4 days of uphill focused work, some arms only and legs only intensity (a new addition to our training), a local running race, lots more roller skiing and of course lots of swimming since our accommodation was on Whitefish lake.
The rest of our time was filled with pottery painting, enjoying the local shops and the town, ie: Sweet Peaks Icecream and Montana Coffee Traders, an afternoon of stand up paddle boarding and strategic planning to incorporate the delicious Whitefish peaches into as many meals as possible.
This years addition to my Montana pottery set
Em in downtown Whitefish
Emily in downtown Whitefish
It has been a great 3 weeks of training with lots of gains being made. Now it is time for a week of easier training here in Canmore before we head into our next big block. Race season is fast approaching, less than 2 months until Frozen Thunder! I can’t wait to ski,
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