The snow has arrived, skiing on Frozen Thunder

First Ski!!!
I have been putting a lot of hour and time on the roller skis including a 5 day camp in New Denver BC where we took advantage of the mountain pass roads to work on our technique while climbing, did some great legs only arms only intensity climbing and well of course ski walked to the top of a mountain, Idaho Peak more specifically. Alysson and I were greeted at the top by big snowdrifts, our first taste of winter for the year, always exciting. We finished off the camp with the Kaslo Sufferfest running race! Thank you to Buff for sponsoring my race entry! This was one of my better running races in a long time and I was happy to be able to put in a hard effort on foot. If you ever have the chance to enter the Sufferfest I highly recommend you do, they definitely put on a first class event. The following week Alysson and I found winter again on a great recovery week hike up Tent Ridge with Chris. Snow angels were made and snowballs thrown.
This fall I have done more 3.5+ hour workouts than ever before. Putting in these big hours brought me to lots of new and amazing training locations around the Bow Valley area. I skied up to Highwood pass for the first time and ran into Skoki Lodge, roller skied all the way out the 1A and hiked a couple of new mountains.
Training has now started to take on more of an intensity focus with the Spray drag running race last week and a prologue test this past Thursday with some hard 30sec sprint workouts mixed in.
Today’s intensity was the best of them all however because it was on SNOW, real SNOW!!!!! That’s right!! Today was the opening of Frozen Thunder and my first time on skis in way too long. I am so thrilled to be back on snow and am greatly looking forward to our Women’s National Ski Team camp that starts tomorrow. It will be wonderful to have all my fellow friends, teammates and competitors to train with and learn from as we transition into our last training block before the race season begins. Be sure to check back for an update on how our camp went, till then happy trails,
Descending Tent Ridge

Ski Walking to the top of Idaho Peak

Al excited to start a 4hr roller ski

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